Where did my marketing go wrong?

Where did my marketing go wrong

When it comes to marketing there is no set formula for success. Therefore, there are millions of things that can wrong, but it also means millions of things can go right and result in business growth exponentially. In today’s age and time, when competition is rampant, it is important to expand your business and brand. We as a prominent digital marketing consultant in Navi Mumbai take each aspect of marketing seriously. We understand the power of a good marketing strategy.

The key to a good marketing strategy lies in the details. You can come up with grand plans, but if the details are not well-thought then your strategy may not succeed. For instances, a website is a circular part of a marketing strategy in which many companies go wrong. Be it a fashion company, an engineering company, HR consultancy or an aviation company, a website is essential. Website design and development is necessary and helps you build and expand your brand in the digital world. But there are a few basic mistakes that companies make that can cost you your customers. Some of the mistakes that we at Kreativ Ideas prevent from happening are-


Companies generally go for vendors that are well established, which is great. But most of the time, they go out of their way and choose a vendor that is geographically located far away. Though today there are various medium to connect, this distance inevitably creates a communication gap. Coordination is a huge problem here. You will explain your requirements to the team leader or a client servicing person, who will convey this to his team and the hierarchy mountain keeps growing. This creates a gap in communication.

Instead, you need to find a website and design company nearby. Here, you can have more meetings with the team of developers and help them understand your vision directly. You may approach a well-established vendor, but having accessibility is more crucial. We at Kreativ Ideas are keen on connecting team members directly to the client for better understanding.

Lack of Market Research

A lot of times, vendors undertake projects without understanding their clients. In fact, their service line could be one thing and their website shows another thing. This is because their market research is not thorough. Vendors land-up creating marketing strategies to suit the client as opposed to creating campaigns that suit the client’s customers. We are a market research company in Navi Mumbai, who understand the difference. We learn our client’s and their customer’s point of view and blend the two to create an effective marketing solution to meet the ultimate end of business growth.

I already have a website

Most firms have a website today, but the question is- how good are these websites? In the digital world, a website is your identity. This is what your customers will see and identify you with. Unfortunately, a lot of companies think that having a website is enough. You are losing a large chunk of the audience if you follow this. Just because you are an HR consultancy or software engineering company doesn’t mean you should have a website that is not appealing. For instances, say a website like Classic consultancy service could use an upgrade in the website design department. There is new technology that comes in every day and you need to update your website accordingly.

These are just a few of the things that can go wrong. But it can be easily prevented by hiring the right website design and development company. As a digital marketing agency in Navi Mumbai, we know the issues that may come up and have a team of experts who can create solutions that will help you expand your brand and business.

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