What does your Brand logo design says about your company

The design is the silent ambassador of your brand – Paul Rand

As rightly quoted by Paul Rand, every design conveys a message and creates a huge impression of your brand, company or business on the audience. Your every design must convey the brand’s core identity, business ideology or the purpose of the brand and so on. Based on our experience in the brand logo design company, we have listed a few Brand Identity & Logo Design types commonly used.

Here are a few factors which determine what your brand logo design represents your company:-

1. Typography Represents Trustworthy

A typography logo is where company, brand or product name is promoted as the Brand logo. Some companies use creative designs while designing the brand logo Cadbury whereas some prefer to keep it simple such as Visa. These companies are increasing their brand recall by keeping the company name and brand logo design as same and yes, it helps.

Typography logo has a powerful impact in generating trust and helps in building brand loyalty customers after becoming powerful. Any customer is assured about the product or service quality after looking at the brand logo design. Thus, these type of logo designs are highly capable of increasing customer retention.

2. Design Represents Creativity

As a brand logo design company, our objective is always to create designs that will stand out of the clutter. These logos sometimes define the brand identity or else they don’t. Unique brand logo designs will help in capturing the attention of your audience instantly. This shows how creative outlook the company has towards its work, product/service or customers. It represents them as trendsetters. Customers usually look up to such organizations for satisfying their unique and unmade demands. Thus, they are considered to be highly optimistic and enthusiastic towards their work.

3. Hidden Messages Represent Intelligence

Customers are always curious to know what does a logo design of a company means. This curiosity helps to grasp their attention and bang on! That’s where the brand logo design is just on top of every customer’s mind. This clearly personifies the brand as intelligent. Once the hidden message is understood, people will never lose focus from your brand logo and brand identity design. This hidden message could explain the core values of a company or it’s product and services. As a brand logo design company in Navi Mumbai, we always prefer to use these type of designs for our clients.

Hope this article was useful in deciding which type of brand logo design and brand identity design you want for your company, brand or start-up. As a brand logo design company in Navi Mumbai, we assure to provide a logo design and brand identity that will represent your company’s core values.

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