New SEO Trends In 2019

With Google and Facebook algorithms changing drastically, E-commerce websites need to undertake ample SEO tactics to be on the top of the page. Thus, to survive this competitive market heat, E-commerce businesses and startups need to rigorously activate their SEO marketing activities.

As an expert SEO marketing agency, we recommend e-commerce businesses and startup owners to get on these platforms:-

1. Using Voice Technology

You can be lucky if you became an early adopter of voice technology for better SERPs. Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are quickly becoming an indelible part of our day to day life, as you can now interact with them on your phone, in your car, and at home.

You can use this technology to target your customer by using intelligent SEO tactics. Start by working on optimizing your questions. When you utilize voice search, most searches are in the form of questions. For example, rather than saying “winter jackets Mumbai,” most users will ask “Where can I find a winter jacket store in Mumbai?” Hence, it is essential to structure your website content in such a way that it answers to your would-be customers’ questions, including trigger words (e.g., how, what, best, etc.) and avoid just flatly feeding on keywords.

When utilizing voice search, people incline to enquire in the way they verbalize in their day-to-day life. Google shows that 70% of voice searches are in a natural language, unlike seen in the typing pattern of consumers. Optimize your website with the most relevant keywords in the page URL, designation and H1 tags.

2. Easy Link-Building SEO with AI technology

Link-building has unchangingly been a vital specialty of any brand’s SEO marketing activity-and it still is. We recommend you to focus increasingly on creating brand-building relationships with your target audience. Link-building should be used not only for SEO purposes but moreover to get referral traffic, which increases the overall website traffic.

You may also want to leverage strained intelligence (AI) technology to run your link-building campaigns. Facebook’s Instant Messaging Chatbot is highly recommended for instant lead generation process.

Hope this article was informative and useful for new business owners and especially e-commerce businesses. We will get back to you with latest SEO marketing innovations in our next article. Visit our website to know more about SEO marketing services provided by Kreativ Ideas – Digital Marketing Agency in Navi Mumbai

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