Marketing To Do’s For Start-Ups

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When it comes to marketing there’s no set formula for success. Therefore, there are millions of things that can wrong, but it also means millions of things can go right.

The key to a good marketing strategy lies in the details. You can come up with grand plans, but if the details are not well-thought then your strategy may not succeed. Here are a few marketing dos and don’ts that you must follow to set your marketing right:-

  1. Word Of Mouth Marketing

At the initial stage of business, word of mouth marketing must be the centre of your marketing activities.  Informing closed ones about your business so that they can further spread the word for you. But do you know that only 1 out of 5 targeted customers return?

This happens because the recall value of communication is very less if not accompanied with appropriate stationaries for future reference. Hence supply your target customer with adequate hand-offs like business cards, brochures, website details or Facebook Page link, etc for future acquaintances. This way your brand’s recall value will increase in the consumer’s mind.

  1. Your Client As Your Marketer

Did you stop marketing your services to an existing client, once he was on board? Why? Remember – Marketing is the first gear of your start-up car, you always have to surpass it while gearing up or down. Once a client is on board, treat him as an asset. Instead of restricting your communication to the only ongoing project, keep sending him your other service collaterals at regular intervals. Email or WhatsApp him about your other successful projects in form of a presentation, brochure, video, etc. Frequently remind him of your brand’s existence. He can be a great source of recommendation for your brand. His recommendation can get you more clients without even investing a penny in marketing.

  1. DO Personal Branding

Always consider you and your start-up as one identity! Be the first brand ambassador for your brand. It starts by incorporating small changes in your personal life such as –

  • Renaming your number on Truecaller with Brand’s name
  • Putting up your Brand’s sticker on your car, bike, book or keychains
  • Post about your start-up on your Facebook profile, or about an upcoming event on your WhatsApp Status

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