Is Facebook Marketing Still Profitable For My Brand?

Is Facebook Marketing Still Profitable For My Brand?

Facebook started as a social media platform to connect people. Today, the number of users is beyond 250 million in India. With such an astounding number the site has evolved into one of the biggest virtual marketing platforms. Brands and companies rely on and use Facebook marketing to reach out to a wider audience. We at Kreativ Ideas, who are a Social Media Marketing Agency in Navi Mumbai, understand the influence of this platform and the role it plays in building a brand.

But What After Facebook Data Leak?

Though Facebook is an important platform, lately it has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The Facebook data leak has created a scandal. It was recently revealed that Cambridge Analytica had collected the personal data through Facebook and used it for political reasons. In other words, there has been a breach and private information of millions of users has been compromised. This has affected Facebook marketing and raised questions for marketers.

Ours is a Facebook Marketing Agency in Navi Mumbai and we understand the consequences of this data leak. Various users have expressed distrust in the privacy policy of Facebook. Even after constant reassurances, there has been a drop in the number of users. One of the major outcomes of the issues is that Facebook has started to restrict the advertisers’ ability to target active users.

But We Are Still Going Strong!

As Facebook makes amends to rectify the data leak, it cannot be disputed that there are various
advantages to Facebook marketing. Being a prominent Digital Marketing Consultancy in Navi Mumbai, we know how to explore these advantages.

One of the strongest points is that Facebook has the widest reach compared to any other social media platform. Another advantage is that it has three marketing platforms- pages, groups, and ads. For business and brand building purposes all three are adopted. Pages and groups are free whereas ads are paid, but they reach a wider audience.

Facebook also plays an important role in building a customer-brand relationship. This platform allows brands to connect with their customers and establish a trusting relationship. Facebook marketing is not immune and has certain disadvantages. But being a Digital Marketing Agency in Navi Mumbai, we factor in these disadvantages and work around it. This leak can pose an issue in the future, but as a Social Media Marketing Agency in Navi Mumbai, we are equipped to deal with this and any other issues.

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