Increase Customers With These Easy Online Marketing Tips


In this article, we will be discussing various effective measures that can be used by a startup organization to increase their customers and thus, profits.  Increasing visibility of your business is the most challenging aspect that any startup faces at the start. It is important to make your brand popular and create a brand recall value in minds of your customers every time they need a service or product. So here are a few techniques to grow more customers for your business:-

Brand Design

Turn your service/product into a brand. Have a unique selling point created for your brand that helps it stand out in the cluttered market. You can start with a simple and minimalistic logo design with consistent brand collateral designs such as brochure design, pamphlet design, business cards and letterheads to reinforce your brand in consumer’s mind with every element they see. Mention your USP and list the services clearly in every marketing material for better visibility.

A good brand promotion helps to gather reputation and goodwill from the folks. Also, it helps in word-of-mouth publicity. Hire a brand design agency that provides complete brand design solutions in affordable prices for startup businesses. We are one such branding agency in Navi Mumbai with whom you can connect to for brand design consultation.


Researchers noted that consumption of online media is increasing faster than any other media platforms. Thus it is vital to have an online presence with a website that helps to grab the eyeballs.  Have a creative, technically advanced and mobile-friendly website that will become the face of your company. Even a basic HTML website design and development will disseminate information about your brand to your customers across the globe.  An e-commerce website will not only attract visitors but also aid in earning revenue by selling products online right then and there.

We at Kreativ Ideas have a team of well-experienced web designers and developers who provide cost-effective and affordable website design and development services in Navi Mumbai. So grab an affordable and mobile-friendly website from the best digital marketing for startups in Navi Mumbai.

Website Design and Development


Search Engine Optimization

Once you have a website, it is time to make it popular among your target audience. Search Engine Optimization service will push your brand on top of the search results of search engine pages such as google, yahoo, bing, etc. It basically starts with using some keywords in your online marketing content that is popular among search pattern of your target audience. When clicking search for a particular keyword your website will show up as the best solution for it. Let it be organic and so focus on your content. Make content SEO rich and filled with keywords that will help the search engine crawlers to pull your website on top of the search list. But its a bit complicated and you might need help in SEO….

SEO assures more traffic on the website, more viewers and maximum lead conversion. SEO services are very affordable but show organic results only in a few months. Kreativ Ideas has executed many SEO projects in the past 5 years and have achieved growing customer base for its repetitive clients. Kreativ Ideas is one of the best SEO Company in Navi Mumbai for startups.


Be socially active of platforms such as facebook, twitter, and Instagram to keep your customers engaged and create an emotional bond. Keep posting about company values, services, events and special day celebrations to connect well with your audience and keep them well informed. This will help you to generate positive attention and goodwill for your brand. It also acts as a recurring brand recall strategy.

It looks easy but it’s very complex to manage a social media campaign because customers today are too fragile and lose interest within milliseconds. We are multi-curated agency and function also as a Social Media Marketing Agency in Navi Mumbai. We help you grow your customer base in affordable prices with organic followers. Kreativ Ideas conceptualize, design, and schedule customer and business oriented creative social media campaigns for its clients.

We hope this article was helpful for you to plan a digital marketing strategy for your startup. We are here to provide a complete digital marketing solution for your startup. Connect with us for more details and we are always happy to help. Contact us now and like our facebook page for more such digital insights.

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