All that digital marketing start-ups need to know about facebook pixel

Facebook pixel

As we know Facebook runs ads for business purposes, and if you are planning to run ads on your Facebook page now or in future, then there is a strategy you should know. Facebook pixels are helpful to get the most from your social ads budget. Facebook Pixels is changing web analytics and website traffic tracking algorithms drastically.

What is Facebook Pixel?

As Rightly Defined By Hootsuite

“The Facebook pixel is code that you place on your website. It collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.”

The code that you place on your website is basically the code generated by Facebook Pixel. It helps in collecting the data that is later used for tracking conversions from Facebook ads. It optimizes your facebook ads results, builds target audience for future ads, and remarket to people who react on your website. It interacts with your Facebook ads by placing & triggering cookies to track your website.

Facebook tracking pixel data ensures that your ads are seen by the audience who take direct action. This gives you a better ROI and a higher conversion rate.

A Must Know For Digital Marketing Agencies – Who are actively doing social media marketing and especially Facebook marketing for their clients.

Earlier there were a couple of different pixels used: Few tips to refine your Facebook marketing results by using Facebook pixels:-

Facebook conversion tracking should be used

Once you view your ads on Facebook you get the idea of how people will interact on your website with Facebook Pixels dashboard. It also helps to understand if people view your ads on mobile or if they switch to a desktop before buying or vice-a-versa. As a social media marketing agency, this makes it easy for you to calculate your return on investment as well as improve your ads master plan based on the analytics received.

Facebook Retargeting Data Through Pixels

Data generated from earlier Facebook Pixels can be used for retargeting while future facebook advertising. This means, data of Facebook retargeting pixels show your Facebook ads to the people who have already visited your website. Not only that, but you can also target specific ads towards a chunk of the audience and another type of Facebook ads towards others. You can pick and get the real granular there.

For Example:- You can show your customers only those ads of the products that they have added in the wishlist or in the shopping cart of your website.

Create Lookalike Audience

Facebook Pixels helps you in building the lookalike audience with the same interests to people who have already interacted with your website. This helps to expand the productive customer base.

Acquire access to Facebook Ad Tools and Metrics

Only if you have downloaded the Facebook Pixels then you can create custom audience for your website or create ads by using web conversion campaigns. Get access to all Facebook metrics and analytics to keep a watch from the start.

Facebook Pixels For Achieving Different Objectives:-

You can any time create a custom event by yourself through Facebook Pixels. But for your convenience, a set of 17 events is already defined by Facebook. You can simply add these codes to your website for achieving the objective designed for that respective code.

An event can be defined as an action that a visitor takes on the website at the time of making a purchase.

17 standard Facebook event codes are as follows:-

  • Purchase: Completing the purchase process on your website
  • Lead: Signing up for a trial or to recognize themselves as a lead on your site
  • Complete Registration: Completing registration on your website
  • Add payment info: Anyone who fills up the payment information on your website
  • Add to cart: Adding products to cart on your site
  • Add to wishlist: Someone adds the product on your website
  • Initiate checkout: Buying something on your website initiates checkout
  • Search: Using the search function for any type of search on your website
  • View Content: Someone lands on a particular page
  • Contact: Someone contacts your business
  • Customized Products: Someone selects a product, with a specific version like a colour
  • Donata: Donating for a cause
  • Find Location: Searching for your business address
  • Schedule: Booking an appointment at your business
  • Start: Signing up for a free trial of your product
  • Submit Application: Appealing for your products service or program
  • Subscribe: Someone subscribes for a paid service or product

Custom Event Creation On Facebook Pixel

You can create a new custom event with Facebook Pixel at ease. URL rule established in particular URLs or keywords is used by the custom events to optimize your Facebook ad.

Custom events can be used to collect more information from the Facebook Pixel that a standard event can provide.

Facebook Pixel Cookies

Facebook changed the way of using cookies and data in the year 2018. First party cookies and third-party cookies can now be used by the social media marketing agencies and others. It means that the data can be tracked by the advertisers on Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Advertisers who have to keep extensive privacy policies like finance may not opt for it.

So now if you are willing to use Facebook Pixel, hopefully, this information would be useful for you. As a digital marketing agency, it is vital to stay updated with continuous technological updates on every social media platform and especially for facebook marketing agencies. To know more about social media marketing tactics, do connect with us – Kreativ Ideas – Digital Marketing Agency In Navi Mumbai.







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