5 Trending tips to remember while creating a Website Design in 2019.

We suggest you 5 tips for making your website’s design and development to sustain in 2019 and forward. Every website becomes outdated after almost 3 years. So here are the measures that can help a website to sustain for a longer period of time:-

Call To Actions

It’s essential that your website design includes a clear call to action on the home web page design, first above the fold. This has proven to considerably increase conversions. If your website doesn’t focus on changes, make sure you map out a clear customer journey from the outside. For an e-commerce website design and development, consider showing products on the home page. Or, for an informative website design, show categories, and prompt users to navigate to these categories from the outset.

Built a responsive website design

62% of companies that have made a responsive website showed growth in web sales. 48% of users think if their website is not responsive their business will be lower. Where 44% say that mobile navigation is problematic in non-responsive and technologically un advanced website design, also 46% have an issue in finding web pages on mobile. These statements show that it is necessary for a website design to be mobile responsive.

Search engine optimization

One should be aware of how to use important keywords around the website – this will increase search engine ranking quite heavily. For even more complicated SEO, it is best off to engage an SEO agency, but at the same time keep your content suitable. You can also enhance your on-page SEO with suitable Free SEO Plugins such as Yoast SEO for easy on-page SEO optimization.

Add Images & Videos to website design

No one wants to visit a website full of content. If you want users to be on your website you have to keep them engaged and you can do that only with images and videos. This is very difficult to do when a website is full of content. Be assured you give your users an insight into your business by using correct images and videos. Research shows that photos on the home page increase click-through rates. Hence get it right now!

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